The Followers of Semuanya

Founded ages ago, and handed through the bloodlines of these Lizardfolk of Lyrecrests swampland and the East.

The belief of many of the Lizardfolk enhabitants of the island, is that Semuanya is merely at rest, awaiting the proper day to reclaim its homeland. Through prayer and devotion they hope to keep his name alive in the lands, to prepare for his return. Loosely translated to common, each shaman carries a banner stating "A being of such wonder, deserves notice, deserves audience. The breeder, the watcher will be home. "

The direct enemy for the majority of the past 50 years has been a small but explosive Kobold mutation. Now growing in numbers by the day, the Semuanyan followers once oppressed the non believers in the Kobold territories. This harsh rule had led to battles for land, the constant tug of war resulting in little victory.

Until the influence and assistance of man, elf and dwarf alike, the cultures remained at standstill, always each wearing the other thin, until recently where tampering and assistance have offset the balance of their tides of war.

For some time the Lizardfolk have been acting as protectors of Mount Lyre, under the leadership of one of very few living Slann Mage, Ma-Hu. The Kobolds of the Followers of Kurtulmak have been pressing within to reveal a mass source of Aqurite, a shard crystalline material used to enhance many magical abilities.

The Followers of Semuanya

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