Victoria Osteen

Desk runner/world on her shoulders operator of Peltcatch guild.


Black haired with hair pushed behind ear, with curls, Victoria wears most frequently a tuck jacket with little frill. Carrying a stern professional look whenever possible.


Elder Daughter to Diella and Charles Osteen (D)
Victoria in recent times has been controlling the majority of duties to the Peltcatch guild, taking over many duties of her mother Diella. Being left in charge for weeks on end for the last few years of her life, she is used to juggling many duties. Hunt coordination, receptionist to hotel like duties, hiring, firing and the rentals of weapons.
Older sister toGibeth Osteen, often pestered no matter her decisions to be made feel hers are incorrect.
Victoria is romantically involved with Half-Ork lead of Hunt, Uladar the Lich Slayer.

Victoria Osteen

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