Uladar, The Lich Slayer

Pale Skinned, Heavy Jawed, Meathead hunter at the Peltcatch guild.


Stance of intimidation is his go to, with resting bitch face. Keeping long hair tucked back in tail, and Leather vest and shorts heavily warn.


Half Ork Hunt Lead of the Peltcatch Guild, Uladar is a while agressive, cleaned up version of his former self. After the Purge of the captives of the Outposts, Uladar sought safe haven in those Sympathizing to his situation. A fighter who traveled with his pack, listening to his elders, and commiting many acts he regrets along this path.
He was known to be formitable, however a story teller. Known to play up accomplishments, and downplay mistakes. Uladar earned his nickname as a part of travelers while rather new to the guild. Contract came for a deadraiser, a Lich plaguing Kora. As the majority of the men who answered the call did not return, he was able to tell the tale as one of few survivors.
Romantic envolvement with Victoria Osteen partially responsible for his raise in rank at the Guild.

Uladar, The Lich Slayer

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