Meloknier Shadowclaw

Human Wizard in his latened adult years.


Once thought lost to this world, Meloknier Shadowclaw is a near elderly wizard of extreme importance to this province. The man to bring them to the modern age, in combination with Tsan Revelle, many inventions of theirs are now held by near every man woman and child. Meloknier didn’t believe this entitled him to incredible wealth as someone was “bound to create such things” and was always modest of his accomplishments.

Before his capture into the pocket prison, he was a prized store-owner and local voice of importance to Bagdon. Melokniers Majestic Mystics was home to each of his inventions, and many other enchantments he was welcome to make or improve upon for the Provinces casters. His daughter spent time in the store from her early years, often being sighted as the spirit of the street, lighting all who came in. August, at the age of 9 lost her mother, and Melokniers strength had taken quite a blow with this change in his life.

Together they mourned her loss, and pushed on to remember her. It was in this time Meloknier was lured back into working along side Tsan Revelle as his morals became of question. Working to create goods to shield ones from death, protect from illness and curse, Meloknier failed to see himself being steered toward the wrong path. In this time Tsan Revelle took advantage of these creations to build his own wealth and power.

Meloknier eventually was turned on and captured, forced to create a box to hide himself away in, at the threat of his daughters life. Willingly entering this chamber when all was done, and supressed in his ability, Meloknier missed the next three years of Augusts life.

Meloknier Shadowclaw

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