D&D 5E with figure it out as he goes DM Josh.


Campaign starting in Wutwaerie region, formed in the South town of Sonte, Members gathered to answer the local listing call of researchers and equipped travelers who were prepared to investigate something locals were not. Brennor, Azgar, T’churr, GIggles, and Khadros answered the call.

To the North of the town was an abandoned home of Meloknier Shadowclaw, which would not burn. The party was asked to investigate this home as locals were in a way spooked at entering.

After completing a series of tasks, the grouped emerged with a goal, to assist and perhaps avenge Meloknier Shadowclaw. To deliver a letter to his daughter. Departing from Sonte the group was joined by Zathrion, and upon arrival to Bagdon further joined by Orianna.

Wutwaerie Countryside