The Talon (Faction)

Generations ago, a small line of Elves, formed an action group of capable individuals. These individuals were Assassins of high quality, and quiet sleuths skilled in infiltration. Remaining mostly underground, the originators are unknown to todays public. However Talon influence can be felt in each region of our world, as handed from individual to individual, the name worn proudly spread quickly in is first years.

No longer considered underground, The Talon known as its extensive network, holds many strong lines of power. Spanning through Uthium, Wutwaerie, and much of the West, there are villages openly held in the name of the Talon.

The Talon also considered to be responsible for the recruitment of members of Bagdon, Eteria, Ironspire and Krakenbait as the front line effort to protect Wutwaerie of the Eastdawn Ork rule.

Known Associates on the Eastern Province.
-Theravol Galendow
-Pia Kingsmin
-Sarah Omal
-Terrance Omal

The Talon (Faction)

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