Ironspire (Mountain City)

Ironspire the Pillar post of the Gorvedak mines, has been standing less than one hundred years. Origonally founded by the Gorvedak bloodlines, was hollowed as it was mined due to its vast chutes of iron among other precious finds. As it was hollowed the center was built higher and higher to support and fight the concern of collapse. The hollows of the center stretch to the magmatic “floor” and have since had homes built on its vast ledges left; each supported by Pillars of Iron of their own.

The Iron pillar itself serves as stair and travel-way to all floors of the hollows, and connects each inhabitant and each ledge to each other. Made of Imported Lumber of Eteria, and the well crafted chains of Ironspire locals, each bridgeway is claimed to be able to hold any workforce standing in full from end to end.

The “city” is largely a mining village but has expanded into trade and growth, now serving as a growing community of venders moving in to serve their own good and represent their own trade. Along with this Two well known taverns, joined by staircase, are mainstays and central to the visitors of Ironspire.

The Iron Knuckle, a bar of competition and sport and is the higher in altitude. Coordinates a clean and respected fighting ring showing the strength of Ironspire as a whole.

The Vengeful Buffalo, the brewery tavern, and bottom of the 5 floor connection. Known for being the home of brewery for Gorvedak Premium Ale, and for hosting its locals brews, showing the pride of Ironspire.

Ironspire (Mountain City)

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