Mysterious dagger thrower.


Born to an Elven mother and Human father, this half-elf was brought up in Otawa, on Lyrecrest. His mother, Vanaea, was a priest of Corellon, while his father, Darius, was a merchant trader.

Life of being viewed as an adult to his human kind, but a child to his home community, Khaydros felt it important to make his own name, and walk his own path. Khaydros grew annoyed at the hypocrisy of the wealth of Otawa. He searched for his place in the world, and after feeling neither right with his Elven kind nor the Humanity he met along is route, Khaydros met someone who would help steer his frustration. An experienced thief who hired him on for small jobs to keep him well and fed. Delivery of packages to places that often required subtlety, speed and often a smoothly worded comment or two, his potential was becoming clear to his newfound ally.

Khaydros was initiated within a wing of the Talon, and soon brought to the Trackie Outpost to assist in the liberation of the prisoners of the Eastdawn Orks. Upon returning, he found his mentor missing, and no clues of his reason for leaving. Feeling abandoned Khaydros returned to his familiar ways of feeling alone, and armed with early skills of his training, packed his things and resumed his solitary path.

Working freelance, taking caravan protection jobs, security, delivery and more, he remained busy and self employed. This brought him to the investigation of a Sonte home, where he since has been travelling with what could now be seen as potential allies, some day.


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