Zathrion Starhaven


Medium haired, half elf sorcerer in red/black hooded robes.


Half-elf son of a human mother, and former resident of Chandrelle. Zathrion has trouble remembering anything beyond the last few years. Concearned by this he focus’ highly on the gathering of knowledge. Learning languages, collecting historitcal texts and any other way to keep and prove his mind to himself.

Zathrion began several years ago training with Og’Mar to hone in on his base abilities after a chance encounter with wolf rekindled his dormant magical knowledge. Zathrion would spend 6 years under Og’s tutelage with other youth side by side. Og always came off to Zath as a leader, as a mentor, and as a searcher for his predecessor. In time the group was joined by… Orianna. This took Zaths mentors attention away from him. After a period of overlap Zath was sent off on his own at Og’s instruction to continue his path to his memories.
Zath spent time rummaging about scrapping dens and fight club of South Wutwaerie to expand his knowledge of melee combatants, and to let a little anger out.

Zathrion Starhaven

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