Terrance Omal

young red headed archer


Red haired, 5’5 in height missing his right hand, hands replacement being a crossbow mounted in leather strapping.


Single handed bowman, occupant of the Trackie outpost at the time the party discovered it. There with 3 others, Terrance forraged for survival, venturing to nearby woods to gather fruits and small animals to survive on.
Had recieved minimal training buy the Sinister entity of “The Talon”, known for preying on the weakwilled youth in its recruitment. His sister Sarah Omal was seperated from him at the time of the Outpost purge, when the sleeper Talon members struck freeing a community of Earthshapers from the Eastdawn Ork Brood.

Lost his right hand to G’ork, a “defense mechanic” left in place by those who left the boys in the outpost.

Terrance Omal

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