T'san Revelle

Red haired Drow caster, villian to Meloknier


Known for dressing as royalty in his own mind.
Long haired, light soul patch.


Former Political Figure of Bagdon, Caster of Dark Arcane
Direct Rival to Shadowclaw Meloknier, Tsan Revelle has stepped into the sights of direct enemy to our group of misfits. As crimes he fabricated and manipulated came to light in the attempt to Murder Augusteen Shadowclaw, and his capture of Meloknier for shy of 3 years in a capsule of Melokniers creation. Many supposed crimes are gradually coming to light showing his manipulaton of others to work his way into a position of leadership, in the place his rival, Meloknier called him.

Setting up shop in the very building his emeny built his name, he did everything he could to erase the history of Meloknier, and forge his own narrative and dynasty.
Since childhood these men have been competitive with each other. Often to the benifit of creation as the area thank each of them for the creation of many common goods used in every day life. Tsan’s perspective often being that of jealousy and the misguided belief that Melo was stealing his ideas, pushing them as his own. This delusion formed a large hatred in him. As they grew as business partners, Tsan would do what he could to stunt their progress.
In the final days of their mutual relationship, an unknown to the Party falling out had occurred, resulting in the straw that broke the camels back in Tsans mind.

Tsan orchestrated capture and assault of Meloknier and his daughter, with the help of many coersed lackies. Clarissa being considered his right hand. They as group forced him for weeks to enchant a childhood project of clay, into a prison and habitat to store him in, at threat of his daughters life. Meloknier trapped within this, unable to intervene, watched as gradually his livelihood fell, his daughter framed and his name smeared to no end, to the goal of vilifying meloknier and turning himself into the savoir of the masses in the eyes of his public following. Over time instilling a police state effect to simulate the protection of his City, Tsans power continued to grow as most businesses and local law began to bend to his will, and shape to his intended image.

In time Tsan was identified as a threatening presence as Meloknier was able to have safeguards put in place inform those who could stumble upon his request of aide. This request took most of two years to be heard and agreed to by members of our party to assist in. By this time, Tsan influence was strong, but not perfect. The group gradually crumbled pieces of his story, and placed seeds of doubt in the public, for thier public reveal and return of Meloknier. Tsan in panic lived through public display of many of his atrocities being called to attention. He has since fled South and is being perused.

T'san Revelle

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