Shaman Air'nook


Shaman Air’nook led forces of the Followers of Semuenya around Lyrecrest Island to maintain the Kobold uprisings. He often rested at its West beach for meditative contact with his source of energy. After weeks of feeling played by external forces in the Lizardfolk war with the Kobolds of Kurtulmak, he staged meeting with Tadaka.

Tadaka had been working towards his own outcomes in all this, and had overstepped his bounderies. Sometimes Shaman Air’nook did not anticipate was the arrival of our group, including the Dragon in disguise Emexial. He encouraged that they remained with them at the beach, to feast, to meet Tadaka with him. In scrapping with Tadaka he was successfully pushed back to the Nine Hells, at the cost of Emexials freedom at this time.

Air’nook led his followers to return to the Mountain. His group however intercepted by loyal followers to Tadaka, who learned of their leaders defeat. They layed assault on the Semuanyan followers, and fell Air’nook. Their leader infiltrated the mountain aside his enemy Lizardfolk as his guard, in an attempt to finish a summoning ritual aside ally Teto-Ekko. The plan was thwarted by intervention of the Slann Ma-Hu and Khaydros’s Deception of Teto.

Shaman Air'nook

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