Ro'el Og'Mar

Teifling caster known for taking interested youths under his wing.


Teifling, Pale red in complexion.
Tail long and adorned in golden bracelet.
Wears bracelets and necklace of gold.
Keeps no hair, horns of obsidian black.
6’4 in height.


Og Mar, now in his elder years, is a Teifling Sorcerer who trained roughly 3 dozen students in his adult years. He taught many students including Orianna and Zathrion. He is known to have favored Orianna, over his other students of her group.

This harbored competition in the class between, and pushed each to attempt to gather his attention. Most of these attempts failed as he continued to prefer her to the others.

His time with Zathrion ended in him pushing Zathrion to explore the world, to find his roots. To learn of his forgottan past.

His time with Orianna ended as escorting supply caravans to the then strong city of Chandrelle, came to be robbed and leaving much of thier class dead, including Oriannas small shoulder dragon. At the death of Magnolia, Orianna did not return to Krakenbait with Og’Mar.

Ro'el Og'Mar

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