Orianna Zurona


6’1, pale blue complexion.
23 year old Teifling.
Wears sand colored robes, and draping shirts.
Copper and Silver jewelry and charms.


Sister of one, and daughter of two, Anikis and Malek Zurona, Orianna expressed interest in magic early on as her mother often showed her small illusions to amuse her as an infant. Calliope, however did not express interest in such things. The twins couldn’t be more different each taking after one parent much more than the other..

Orianna spent some time under the tutelige of Og’Mar. Until a falling out in which she returned to the coast to breathe through her recent experiences. Through her roaming she led the stoppage of an atrocity led by Laura-lee Prict and the crew of the Alizabiella. In stopping them, her and the other valued crew took the ship as theirs, where Orianna re-found direction for the next few months at sea.

Recently in traveling with new friends and allies Orianna has recaptured the companion she carried with her inside the Staff given to her by Og’Mar.Magnolia now as Razordon form has returned to her side as protector.

Orianna Zurona

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