Oredragor Brightcave and Crew

Burly, Sturdy and bairly haired Dwarven Captain.


Dwarven ship Captain.
Sturdy build. Trustworthy actions. Resilient combatant.
Wielder of the Iron Blunderbuss.


Oredragor Brightcave, Captain to the vessel, Silvanus, originates of Krakenbait.
Currently, he travels the Ocean in search of continued adventure, prefering life on the water. He makes his money carrying traded goods between Little Tenweenie, Kora, and Eteria, as well as the voyage of passengers looking for methods to and from Lyrecrest Island.

His ship, small in size, holds at most 20 passengers, and is ran by only a crew of Four.
-Darius Talandis, aged human merchant and navigator.
-Elmond Brink, the oafish and quiet Barbarian Deckhand.
-Rylie Samms, swordstress and linguist known for her charm.
-Franklin Prict, greedy and innovative gunpowder enthusiast.
-Thaeva Doomhoupher, Silver/Blue Dragonborn martial artist.

Oredragor Brightcave and Crew

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