Magnolia the Razordon


Years ago small blue Pseudodragon was given as gift to young Orianna Zurona. In time growing to be her closest companion while under the tutelige of Ro’El Og’Mar. Named Magnolia, she was a playful spirit and vibrant presence. Fond of ripping apples from trees, and honing early flight skills by dodging Og’Mar’s classes spells, Magnolia was prized and at the side of Orianna everywhere.

In the afternoon of a winters run of supplies through South Grendale Mountains, the traveling class of students with Og’Mar was ambushed. Within this ambush several students passed, and Magnolia herself took the blow of a heavy crossbows bolt on its pathway to Orianna. From there, a feint blue shadow form left her body and immediately clung to the grip of the Staff Og’Mar had been teaching young Orianna to cast through.

The Spirit of Pseudodragon Magnolia, remained within Og’Mars Staff for recent years. Viewing Orianna’s experiences, livelyhood and day to day life. Unable to help during her toughest times. Until recently, when Orianna attempted the resurgence ritual on a felled Razordon beast of Lyrecrest.

The Ritual with the aide of T’churr. was a success and beast gradually rose to its feet. Vibrant in the eyes Magnolia felt her first physical experiences in years, and has since been working to take hold of the new form shes coming to explore, alongside her companions.

Magnolia the Razordon

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