Emexial, the acid whisper, is a youthly exiled Green Dragon of North of Wutwaerie. He is more known for his Halfling form, Reed “Moxxy” Thorngage. Known as combat leader of the Iron Knuckles, and known for traveling recently with band of Misfits across Wutwaerie in the name of the good that is ridding this plane of T’san Revelle and The Followers of Kurtulmak.

Emexial often peers into others he meets to gauge their respective intentions, and almost seems to much prefer his form as Moxxy, the will filled and energetic mistake maker. Seemed the longer he remained in this form, the more he took to enjoying the level he was on.

Recently through the encounters with his allies he re crossed his pathway with “an old friend” in Tadaka the Rakshasa. The anger of his reluctant form took him over and he attempted to seize the opportunity and remove Tadaka from this plane. In the struggle Tadaka banished him, to Shadowmoor.


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