Diella Osteen


Stern build wearing heavy coat and Pauldron.
Light Brown hair, very long, draping down one shoulder.


Third and most majoritable Owner to Peltcatch guild, and active management.
Business partnered with T’san Revelle, Meloknier, and her late husband Charles.
With the passing of her husband she took over active duties of his roles.
Stern and strength build woman, often directly leading her hunts, she values strong character and the willingness to push hard for a hunt.
She is considered wealthy, to the standard of Bagdon living, and pushes for strong enforcement and the installment of trained militia to be the primary defense of Bagdon as a whole. Through entirely volunteer, she would prefer all homes had at the minimum one able bodied individual that could be called upon to fight against local threat.
Diella wears the Pauldrin of her fallen husband, with his family crest adorned upon it.
It is bulky and is able to cover a fair portion of her head in battle. Also weilding custom weapon the Osteen Cresent, her signature weapon forged to her prefered weight.

Notably, Diella has been the only to slay more recorded hunts than Uladar, the Lich slayer, and her late husband Charles. Confirmed to have slain.
-Several Orks of the Eastdawn clan
-A Cyclops
-Many bears of varied bloodlines
-Dozens of Githzerai

Diella Osteen

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