Clarissa Sal'hi


Brown hair, long, braided. Wears woven root and branch tiara.
Green robes and tan accents, as well as red and blue gems trickled through jewelry head to toe.


Druidic Elf of T’san Revelles former employ. Was also captive to the Eastdawn Orks at the time of of the Outpost Purges.
Following her seperation from Sarah Omal, Clarissa traveled to Bagdon partially in search of her, and in search of adventure. She in time was convinced to join the powers of one of the cities notable figures, Tsan Revelle. At this time Meloknier was recently missing to the public, and spaces of change seemed available to many locals. She saught power after feeling so powerless for so long.

Augusteen Meloknier was in a way Clarissa’s primary responsibility. She was played into making an attack on Tsan Revelle due to the Influence of Clarissa, and then captured to be removed from the public picture through Tsan’s chosen punishment. At the week of her planned execution various travellers arrived creating blockages in thier plan. After having the intervention of our party, Clarissa only survivor short of Tsan himself, was captured and turned into the Peltcatch Guild ironically at Victorias request. She was by Diella forced to assist in the tracking of Tsan South of Bagdon, as way to recover from her chosen path in life.

Clarissa Sal'hi

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